the new postmanbag schatel 2013

the new postmanbag schatel 2013

Rp 350.000,- (tiga ratus lima puluh ribu rupiah)

semi leather postman bag, available use to keep any kind of laptop, netbook, ipad, tab, a key tag holder, berkas (BAP), toga, and other’s court accesories…

bahan semi kulit sintetis, bisa diisi laptop, netbook, ipad, tab, gantungan kunci, berkas (BAP), toga, dan aksesoris lainnya.

warna hitam dan coklat.

how to order (cara pesen):

bbm ke 2801bbd2 / 275e361d (follow further instruction/ikuti langkah selanjutnya)

Designer Showcase: Flourish Letterpress

always stunned by the conventional take it’s part!!!

Hello Everyone!

I stumbled across this stunning letterpress design company a few days ago and spent, oh, I don’t know… maybe an hour admiring the invites in their portfolio.  Oh my….

Flourish Letterpress is based in Denver, Colorado and has such a beautiful design style!  I love the vintage tone, the modern design, and the warm colors.  Seriously nice work.

Flourish does custom letterpress, laser cut, and wood engraved invitations, as well as additional letterpress invitation template designs (like the one above!)
Head over to their site for more eye candy!

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